French braiding

Affix this chignon under your ear with some pins. Get the tutorial from Love Maegan. Elegant Side Braid Bun This is yet another gorgeous and complex French braid hairstyle which works perfectly for long hair.

Round and Round the Crown This is a next-level crown.

French braid

This style was called the "Grecian braid" in the 19th century. Secure with a clear hairband or elastic. Its sleeker appearance is also sometimes viewed as more elegant and sophisticated. Then do the same with the left section, braiding to the opposite side, so that the two French braids criss cross.

To create a braided headband that goes from one side to the other in one prominent plait, you might need to learn how to reverse French braid, which sounds way harder than it is — promise. Get the tutorial from Hair Romance. It helps to have an extreme part, but it all depends on the look you want.

Start your side braids high up on your crown, as close to your roots as possible, and to get a bit more structure, give them a little twist when you join them with your ponytail.

Work your way along the hairline and towards the crown of your head. Divide your mane into three sections and start braiding. At the end, secure the braid with an elastic and loosen up the top part with your fingers.

Curly Tucked-in French Braid Low Updo Start by securing your fringe and some of the hair on your crown with a few pins, for added volume. Get the tutorial from Twist Me Pretty.

Make a thin braid out of the strand you left out.

How to French Braid Hair

Finish the braid at the end with an elastic, loosen it up a bit with your fingers, and then secure it at the top with some pins. To get this kind of length, you might have to try braiding with weave, or you could just make it work for your length. Make your way downward by repeating the step above.

Chignon and braids. Find this Pin and more on French Braid Styles by Ivy Gail Jackson.

30 Elegant French Braid Hairstyles

this is supposed to be bridal hair but i would be happy to wear it every day. Loose Braids: Side parted hair, and then divided off two sections near the face and French-braided them, securing each with an elastic band.

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French braid

Shop with confidence. I have long hair, and have been French braiding my hair for a long time. The interesting thing is, that I can French Braid my own hair by myself, but if you ask me to French Braid someone else's hair I can't do it. Thank you Irina for being apart of my wedding day!

Irina did a beautiful job on not only my hair but 6 other ladies and we all got so many compliments!

30 Elegant French Braid Hairstyles

From our first meet to the day of the wedding she was very professional, sweet and helpful with how we all wanted our hair/5(39). for all things natural hair + care!

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Find this Pin and more on French Braid Styles by Ivy Gail Jackson. Having fun with these mini twist! Simple two strand twist hairstyles Simple and functional. A French braid or French plait is a type of braided French braid is a hairstyle that originated in North Africa and later adopted in misnomer "French" can be traced back to a short story from Arthur's Home Magazine.

French braiding
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